Rock Carpet Driveway Pavement and Its Other Uses

Rock carpet driveway payment, herein after known as rock carpet, is an ideal choice for any driveway. It can be applied to long driveways, wide driveways, up and down hill driveways, slanted driveways, crooked driveways, and uneven driveways. The possibilities are endless. Not only can you use it on your driveway, you can use it on your sidewalk, walkway, front and back porches, garage floors, throughout your home and commercial business. Literally, you can put it just about anywhere with a semi flat surface.

Rock carpet is nothing like what you see in ordinary driveways in that doesn’t crack, chip, or crumble away over time. It’s dent scratch and crack proof so there will be no damage from continued tire traffic and you don’t have to worry about it staining because it’s stain resistant thanks to the epoxy polymers that coat it.

You can use rock carpet on all the surfaces mentioned above including but not limited to: showers, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, stairs, swimming areas, spas, hot tubs, restrooms, garages, driveways, side walks, in-and-outdoor decks, storage sheds, workshops, parking lots, basketball courts, tennis courts, restaurants, pubs, clubs, nightclubs, private housing, offices, reception offices, washrooms, showrooms, auto dealer showrooms, board rooms, convention centers, elevators, furniture stores, hotels, motels, private housing & more. Basically you can apply rock carpet anywhere you would like grade “A” flooring that will last you a lifetime. Rock carpet is the most versatile flooring type on the market and is gaining popularity by the day making it a consumers best buy.