Rock Hard Core – The Tire and Sledgehammer Workout!

If you are wanting to dial up your fitness and develop a super rock hard core then you have got to grab a sledgehammer and start beating up on big tractor tire. This is an unconventional, yet highly effective way for you to develop a superior level of core strength and total body fitness. You probably never thought of something resembling that of construction work to be a workout, however if you have ever done it then you know how hard this work can be!

Slinging A Sledgehammer!

The tire and sledgehammer workout is quite an experience. Whether you are looking for a different way to train or to just take your life frustrations out on something in the most positive way then this is your ticket. If you have read any of my other material then you know that I am huge proponent of movement based training which results in the optimal development of your core strength and overall fitness. Slinging a sledgehammer to beat up a tractor tire is a great way to do this.

You see the key to actually swinging the hammer is that you have to integrate the muscles of your core midsection in order to do so. The way we are designed is that our bodies generate the most force and power from the center towards our extremities (legs and arms) which act as levers for movement. When incorporating the motion of swinging a sledgehammer you are generating a ton of force from your core midsection which results in a heck of a trunk workout which includes those most sought after abs that we all want for the summer time!

The great thing about these very simple devices is that they can be used in a number of different ways to achieve a rock solid workout. You can put the sledgehammer down and work on flipping and even jumping the tire itself for a workout. The sledgehammer and tire can also be combined with other forms of strength training such as kettlebells and sandbags for quite the total body workout. The great thing is that you are benefiting here from both muscular and cardiovascular conditioning with this intense compounding movements.

If you haven’t already started to implement the use of the tire and sledgehammer into your workouts then you are missing out on some rock hard core development. Take the time to learn more by accessing more of my articles on the subject for free. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!