Rocks of Life

Life throws rocks in our path. Rocks exist in life; how you handle them determines your present and your future.

A farmer continued to plow around a large rock in the center of the field. Today he broke another plow shear on that rock. A few weeks ago, he broke a harrow on that rock. He farmed around that rock every year for as long as he could remember. He father farmed around that same rock in the center of the field. He even remembered one of his father's favorite horses in the team injured his leg on that same rock. Decades later he continues to be annoyed by this large rock. Today when he broke still another piece of modern equipment on the rock, he finally had enough. He took a crowbar and started prying on the edge of the rock. After several attempts, it budged. To his amazement, the rock was only about six inches thick. He left the field and returned with a sledge hammer. After a series of well placed strikes with the sledge hammer, the rock broke into manageable pieces. He proceeded to pick up the pieces and cart them away on the wagon. For decades he and his father had farmed around this rock and damaged valuable assets. With a crowbar, a sledge hammer, a wagon and some concentrated effort, the entire obstacle has been eliminated.

What rock exits in your life? What rock have you allowed to annoy you for years? What rock continues to damage your self esteem, your emotional peace of mind and your finances? This seemingly immovable object may be a shallow obstacle which can be easily removed. Applying basic self examination and honest effort eliminates most of the rocks in our life.

My personal rock related to deservability. My mother, a gentle non-confrontational lady, always took the broken piece. When she served a cake or pie or anything, she always said "the broken piece belongs to the cook." Only the perfectly shaped and presented pieces were served to my father and brother. She always took the broken piece for herself. If there were two broken pieces, the second broken piece was automatically given to me; I was female, therefore, less than my father and brother. This innocent act impressed upon me that I was less deserving than the males. Females in our household were regarded as second class.

Who knows where this impression originated? The fact that it existed all during my youth and persisted through my adulthood formed a deservability issue in my soul. No malicious intent was intended. Perhaps my mother thought she was honoring my father and brother. Since she has passed away, I am no longer able to question her on her thoughts. She did not directly tell me I was inferior to my father and brother; however, the impression of my lesser worth impressed that fact upon my self worth. That feeling of inferiority existed as my emotional "rock in the field."

Throughout the next several years and decades, I struggled with deservability. Even though I worked hard and achieved, a plateau existed. It took years of intensive self examination and mental exercise to remove that emotional deservability rock. The fact that the rock no longer exists serves as proof that emotional rocks can be and should be demolished.

What emotional rock holds you back from achieving your dreams and goals? Have you placed a barrier in your own path to success? Identify each barrier and remove them. Self imposed rocks are removable. If you placed the rock in your own path for whatever reason, you are also capable of removing it. I'll gladly loan you my crow bar and ledge hammer. The relief experienced by demolishing that rock and carting it away to the dump feels like lifting Mount Everest from your shoulders and tossing it casually in a deep ravine never to be seen or heard from again.

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