Role of a Fireproof Filing Cabinet in Disaster Management

Many times it has been reported that people working in different business houses charge over the expenditure being done on buying the fire proof cabinets for the office. These cabinets are very exorbitantly priced as compared to the normal steel cabinets. The bone of contention is the money spent on these rather than giving a salary hike to all the workers. But, mostly, workers tend to forget the important and pivotal role played by these cabinets in saving all the important documents that form the part and parcel of any office. These cabinets are used to keep documents like-

1. All the contact numbers of the workers, vendors, business associates can be stored in these cabinets.

2. All the policy papers relating to the workings of the company, legal documents and financial transaction details can also be safely placed in these cabinets.

3. These cabinets are the safe place for keeping all the audio and video records of all the dealings, conferences, launches and visits by dignitaries.

4. All the payment details of the employees and the log books are also safe in these cabinets.

5. Any new plans relating to the company in the form of drawings and maps can also be housed in these fireproof cabinets.

The important consideration that has to be kept in mind while buying these cabinets for the company is that the cabinets should have an approval of tested and passed from the Underwriters Laboratories. These once tested, get certain specifications for temperature and time which are as follows-

1. Temp is the first number that is put on the marks on the cabinets. Eg. 125- back up media, floppies; 150-DVD; 350- paper files; 375- standard papers. All these indicate the maximum temperature that can be handled in different categories mentioned above.

2. Time rating follows the temperature marks. Time usually progresses from half an hour to umpteen hours with a slot of thirty minutes each.

3. Most of the papers are not able to withstand temperature of more than 400 degree F while 140 degrees is the limit for fire to burn films, tape and plastic cases.

4. The fire can sustain for a temperature of 800 degree F and so it becomes imperative to control it by this temperature so as to avoid any major mishap.

For most of the business houses, it becomes difficult to build up their empire again if they fall prey to fires. Most of the valuable information, once burnt or destroyed is difficult to be retrieved again. So it becomes absolutely necessary to install fireproof cabinets to save the important papers not only from fire but also from the gushing water that is thrown by the fire fighting engines and also theft in some cases.

So, all you workers, do not worry about the salary hike as it is more important to save the business from being gutted away in the devastating fires! If the business sustains, the salary hikes will automatically come your way !!