Roll Roofing – A Look at the Basics

You’ll also have to start your project a day before you actually install the roll roofing, by unrolling it and letting it lie flat for twenty-four hours. If you neglect this pert of the process, you’ll end up with roofing which keeps trying to pull back into its rolled shape after you have nailed it down.

Choosing Your Roll Roofing

There are several kinds of material, and you’ll have to understand the differences among them before you can begin your job. A type of roofing often seen in rural locations is mineral surfaced , which covers many country sheds, animal shelters, and barns, and is recognizable for the crushed rock granules on its surface.

A less familiar type of roll roof is specialty eaves flashing, used to prevent ice from accumulation on the eaves of buildings in places where winters are severe smooth surface is similar to mineral surface, except that a coat of ground talc covers it instead of crushed rock. Smooth surfaced sheets are used to provide an extra layer of sealant on a roof’s eaves.

Finally, saturated felt roll roofing is used as a protective layer between the outer roofing material and the roof’s deck.

Hot Versus Cold Roll Roofing Installation

While using hot asphalt to install roll roof is more difficult than the alternative cold installation, it is said to work much better. But using hot asphalt will require more than one person on the job, because there is a real risk of injury from handling the asphalt. Most homeowners opt for the simpler and safer cold installation method, which involves attaching the roof with an easy-to-spread adhesive available for almost all home improvement stores.

Using the cold installation method requires only a large squeegee to smooth out the adhesive so that the sections of roll roof can be spread over it.

Where To Buy Roll Roofing

You will have not trouble at all purchasing exactly as much roll Roofing as you need at your nearest hardware or home improvement store. If you don’t have a way to get a large amount of roll roof from your nearest retailer to your home, you can also order roof online from one o f the big home improvement chains like Home Depot or Lowe’s. They offer very reasonable delivery and will ship your roll roofing directly to your doorstep.

The bottom line is that you should never try roll roof installation unless you are confident that you know what you should be doing. The job will both go much more quickly and be safer f you have help from someone with roof installation experience.