Rome Graft Review

What are you guys expecting from a freestyle deck?

A little ease while spinning, a real envy to twist it, having the pleasure to manipulate a kind of toy which fits perfectly your legs and feet, your whole body; in acquaintance with your moves, basically a part of yourself you can control entirely.

The Rome Graft is a board which should stay in the Park and only inside. It basically does not handle well high speed due to its lightness and flexibility. The Core Rome included is the Pop Core Matrix which is lighter than their basic wood core. The purpose is to give smooth flexing and lightweight for a nice pop from the tail and tip and quick transition from edge to edge.

Rome did understand what railing is about and if you are heading the jump with jibs ideas, the 2 years warranty is behind their strong base. The graft is shipped with their second level base which is a good balance between strength and speed. So do as much as you want 270 to Frontside Board slides without worrying about the deck.

As Burton strives to making the boards feeling like skateboards, Rome did it with the Graft. Imagine you are having a skateboard stuck to your feet, how many tricks do you think you can achieve, believe me and get your skate and hit the handrail with your board attached, how easy is this?

Then take your Graft and do the same, you will have similar sensations!

The Straight Biax Carbon Laminate featured in the Graft gives the board added pop for Ollies and a suitable feel for Jibbering. The board is butter itself and it will lead you to a smooth riding with easy spins right on the groom or in the air. And to make things even more buttery, Rome inserted Impact Plates in the core for anti compression protection.

Rome is working on this Freestyle deck since only 1 year, this is the second version and Casey Neefus, a member of the Rome Team, has enjoyed it last year already. Because of all nice reviews Rome has met about this board, they decided to continue working on this true Freestyle Rome Graft snowboard.

I would personally say every rider can try it, beginners can even train on this deck; freestyle boards suit admirably novices as they are soft and not so fast, they are thus very forgivable and very maneuverable. On the other side, don’t even think about Freeriding and ice carving with it. While it can be used for all terrains, its main purpose is to stay in the park.