Roof Repairs – Making Your Old Roof New Again

It must first be emphasized that roofing issues must be handled by the professionals such as roof contractors mainly because even the smallest leaks can be the symptom of a larger problem. In fact, when a certain portion of the roof begins to leak, it may be replaced by a new one, thus, requiring the expert skills of a roof contractor.

General Cost of Repairs

Roofing repairs will obviously cost money but it must be said that the money spent on these jobs will be well worth it considering the importance of a good roof over your head. When the repairs are expertly done, then your roof will last for several years, even sometimes decades, to come.

The total costs for repairs will depend on several factors including the type of roof, the type of damage and its area of ​​coverage, and the fees of the roof contractor. Be sure to ask the roof contractor for his written estimate so that you can budget for it, said written estimate of which should include the cost for the new shingles, the sealants and the cleanup of old shingles, debris and other materials on the roof.

For example, a 10×10 square foot of asphalt shingles will cost $ 100- $ 350 to replace while the replacement of wooden shingles with the same area will cost $ 200- $ 1,000. In case of replacement of just a few broken asphalt or wooden slippers, the cost will only be $ 95- $ 125 or $ 135- $ 175, respectively.

If there are only a few individual broken shingles and the issue appears to be minor, you can replace these items on a do-it-yourself basis but be sure to thoroughly understand the instructions. But when in doubt, you are well-advised to call the professionals lest the issue becomes worse.

Possible Additional Costs

Since the roof system is complicated in itself, additional costs may be incurred so it is important to be prepared for these expenses. A few examples include:

• Valley foot flashing can cost $ 15- $ 25 for repairs.

• Faulty flashing around a chimney may cost $ 200- $ 500 for replacement.

• Skylight flashing is priced at $ 300- $ 500 for repair.

Again, the roof contractor must be forthright about these repairs from the initial inspections. Any and all possible repairs on damaged roof components previously undetected must be discussed before the actual work is done. Otherwise, you will find yourself paying more than what you budgeted for.

The good news: Many companies in the United States provide discounts for senior citizens from 10% to 30%. If you are a regular customer, you can also ask for considerations in the form of discounts, free inspections, and installation plans.

The trick is to shop for reliable roof repair companies. Asking for recommendations from family and friends is a step in the right direction followed by asking for references from trade organizations like the National Rofers Contractors Association.