Roof Shoveling

Many states recently have been hit hard by heavy snow and ice. These super storms have wreaked havoc on commercial and residential properties in many ways. Large amounts of ice and snow can put a lot of stress on your roof, which can lead to holes, leaks, and other significant damage. In the dead of winter, it is not advisable for the average home or business owner to climb a ladder and inspect a roof. A roof ice dam may have formed, and these can be extremely dangerous. They can fall on people walking by, causing serious injuries. They also lead to deterioration, which can result in loose and missing shingles. A reputable roofing contractor can perform an inspection to determine what steps are needed to adequately restore your property.

How can you tell if you need roof shoveling services? Here are a few things to watch out for:

1) If you notice any condensation on the inside of your home, near your attic, it could be as a result of heavy snow on your roof.

2) Look for large icicles forming on your gutters, and an extreme amount of snow on your roof.

3) Keep an eye out for interior leaks, as they may be caused by snow accumulation.

4) Take a look around your property, and see if you notice any shingles on the ground, as they may have become loose after a particularly heavy snow storm.

Some roofing companies provide roof shoveling services. Make sure they are experienced, licensed, and certified to avoid any future liabilities. Such a company will have the proper heavy duty equipment, materials, and safety gear necessary to effectively shovel your roof, no matter what kind of roof you have. It is important to verify that the company is rated favorably by its customers, so check out their website and look for customer testimonials. Most reputable roofing contractors offer free roof inspections, so call them to find out what they offer in terms of evaluations and other services. Roof shoveling is a valuable service especially when the temperatures outside are below zero. The average person can get frostbite or risk falling off a ladder if they attempt to shovel a roof on their own. In cases where snowstorms have resulted in a heavy accumulation of snow, it is wise to contact a licensed, bonded, and certified roofing company to do the job correctly.