Roofing Options – Types of New Roofs and Cost Comparisons

Also referred to as asphalt roofing, composition shingles are the most commonly used and the most economic option. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles and are easily repaired and highly fireproof. This type of shingle is available in a fifteenth to forty year lifespan guarantee. A typical home size of around 2,000 square feet can run anywhere from $ 6,000 to $ 10,000 for professional installation.

Metal roofing is available in steel, aluminum, tin and copper. While this type of roof is environmentally friendly and very lightweight, it can get fairly expensive, especially for copper materials, which can cost up to $ 40,000 for a typical sized home. Metal roofs can be styled to resemble shake shingles or even the look of slate. These roofs are durable, easily maintained and can last up to fifty years. The other metals can cost up into the lower $ 20,000s installed.

Wood Shingles
Exceedingly beautiful, wood, or shake shingles create a style all their own. Priced along the middle range, up to $ 20,000, they do require some maintenance and are obviously not fireproof. Some insurance companies charge a higher premium for a wooden roof but they can last up to fifty years given the proper upkeep.

Tile roofing provides the dramatic cap on a Mediterranean styled home, but is now being used on contemporary and country French styled homes as well. They are available in a variety of colors and types, making them super versatile. Price ranges for tile roofs span from $ 12,000 to $ 60,000. Tile is very durable, fireproof and easy to maintain but not all existing homes are built to bear the weight of such a heavy roof. Lifespans of tile roofs can stretch to up to fifty years.

The most expensive type of roofing on the market today is the slate variety. Its beauty speaks for itself, and its durability complains such splendor, as a high quality slate roof can last up to 100 years. Slate is fireproof and low maintenance, but like tile, its weight limits its use on existing homes. Slate roofs are also fragile, so weather conditions in your area should be taken into account when considering a slate roof. These roofs can cost up to $ 80,000 to install.

Now that you know the differences in the types of roofs available, you can make a more informed decision on which type may be right for you. Contact your local roofer for more information.