Roofing Options

When most people think of a metal  roof  or aluminum  roof  they think of the shiny silver  roof  on top of a barn or an old house that you can hear every drop of rain. As with everything else in this world the leaders in the  roofing  industry are developing beyond those tin  roofs  we’ve heard about in songs and the benefits of these  roofs  are in abundance.

If you’re in the market for a new  roof  or are deciding to build your home there are a lot of options available to you and everyone wants to tell you why they’re the best. Most people don’t really know what’s out there for them. When they think of a  roof  they think of plywood with asphalt shingles on top, but while composition  roofs  are great there is much more out there that can add more curb appeal to your home and save you some money.

Manufacturers are making metal  roof  shingles out of aluminum that add more curb appeal to your home than composition, clay or even wood shingles and don’t break or ware as easy. If you are looking to purchase a composition, clay or wood shingled  roof  think about in the future if you have any repairs that need to be done on say your fireplace or if someone has to get on your  roof  to hang Christmas lights, or clean the gutters or maybe you have a 16 year-old son who likes to climb up there with his friends when he thinks you’re not looking. Well if should any reason someone walks on your  roof  it could possibly void your warranty. With steel  roofs  someone walking on it could dent or scratch your  roof . If you are a savvy buyer who does their research you can find aluminum metal  roofs  that will not have these problems but still look as great or even better than composition, clay or wood shingled  roofs . Aluminum metal  roofs  are coming in a wide variety of colors and textures that resemble the look that you want.

Some also think that having a metal  roof  might make your house hotter but the reverse is actually true. Metal reflects the heat causing less hot air to get into your attic. Which in turn allows less hot air into your home making life a little easier for your air conditioner and for you. So metal  roofs  can actually make your home cooler which will save you money every month on your electric bill and who doesn’t like to save money? Plus you’ll be utilizing a “green”  roof  which will help to lower your carbon footprint and save our natural resources.

Some companies have even developed ways to make aluminum metal  roofs  that are less likely to leak than other  roof  types which is great for you as a home owner, one less thing you have to worry about. The best thing you can do as a homeowner who is in the market for a new  roof  is to do your research. Look at what’s out there and focus on which  roof  is going to give you the most benefits. Also, keep up with leaders in the industry who are developing new material and techniques. Good luck!