Round Labels – Boost the First Impression of Your Product

Round labels, along with their use as a source to inform the consumers of what this product is for, are used to give a pleasing exterior to your manufactured product. A well-suited graphically designed, eye-catching and enchanting inkjet label not only provides an attractive look to the product but gives the charming first impression of your product and brand.

It’s indeed very tricky to select an appropriate label for your product as it portrays the image of your company. Round labels are available in numerous shapes, sizes, colours and materials for different purposes. The labels are available both in sheets and rolls. In order to improve the appearance of your product and packaging you need the best-suited label for your product.

There are a few steps and advices given for the consideration when making a choice of labelling your product for better appearance.

There is a variety of inkjet labels available in the market. You also have a choice to buy blank sheets of self-adhesive labels, and print them yourself with your laser/inkjet printer and copier, or you can get pre-printed inkjet labels.

Round labels materials

A wide range of materials is available in the market like Matt, Matt Opaque, Matt Clear Polyester, Matt Polyethylene, Matt Vinyl, Semi Gloss, High Gloss, Gloss Clear Polyester, Polyjet Gloss and Fluorescent. Choose the best material for your product e.g. If you are the manufacturer of a bath product, choose water resistant material.

Round labels shapes

Use most convenient shape of inkjet labels. Like choose oval shape for labelling jars and bottles.

Round labels colours

Coloured labels with fancy shapes play an important role in making your products stand-out from competition. Use colours which are easy on the eyes; neither too dull to seem boring, nor too bright to be hard on the eyes.

Pictures and Artwork for inkjet labels

Artwork is the illustration of text and images which is printed onto the round labels. So you can try different shapes and images to enhance the product image and identity.

Lastly, there must be symmetry between text, colour and images or pictures otherwise you will ruin the image of your brand.

In order to help your product to be noticed and eventually sold, to grab extremely large returns on your investment over the long run, you need to be extremely careful. Unique, beautiful, informative and attractive round labels can help the people to identify and differentiate your brand and help you in retaining your customers.