RSS Feed Subscriptions

Why so many people enjoy RSS feeds instead of visiting a website is that there is no spam, pop-ups, or frilly articles. All the news is supplied via a headline or blurb, allowing visitors to click on news that is of interest to them quickly.

The reason webmasters use RSS feeds is to market their products or services, keep subscribers up to date with the latest news, and ensure the news of sales are released in a timely manner. News websites use RSS feeds to ensure those that are interested in news receive real time updates on subject matters that are important to them. Blog owners and organizations use RSS feeds to let their subscribers know when a new post has been published and organizations keep fans up to date on events.

This is just a few reasons to subscribe to your favorite website that offer RSS feeds. You will need a reader, but that is not a problem at all. You can easily find website that allow you to organize all your subscriptions on one page, download a reader to your desktop, or use a browser that has a built in RSS reader.

To subscribe to your favorite RSS fees, you should look for the RSS icon on websites your frequent. In most cases, the icon will be found at the top of the front page usually a bright orange icon. As soon as you find the icon, just open up the feed and find the URL. You will need to copy and paste the URL into the reader or the website that allows you to read your feeds on their website. As soon as you do this, you will be subscribed to their feed.

As mentioned above, a few browsers make it even easier as all you have to do is find the RSS icon located on the left side of the URL. Just click the icon and you will receive the up to date information from that feed which will also subscribe you to the feed.

As you do your search for RSS feeds and readers, you will find both free and paid subscriptions. If you find a paid subscription you think you will enjoy, you should research to ensure you the same information is not found on a free feed. In most cases, paid subscriptions are unique and the information can only be found via that RSS feed.