Running Tips – How To Avoid Falling While Running

It’s something that you really won’t find talked about very much in running books and in running articles – but it’s something that has probably happened to every runner at least once. You’re running along, feeling great – then all at once you’re on the ground. It doesn’t matter how much pain you’re in, the only thing you can think about is getting up quickly and making sure no one saw you. Or, at least they will think that you’re alright so that no one will stop. As you may be able to tell – I’ve been there – a few times.

There are several reasons that a runner may fall during a run. Here are a few of them and how you can prevent falling.

Make sure that you are paying attention to where you are running. This is usually the biggest reason for falls (and mine). The pavement is smooth and then all at once there’s a bump sticking up that you don’t see. You trip on it – and down you go. This can also happen with tree roots, broken pavement, debris in the road, etc. So, make sure that you are watching the road about 20 feet ahead of you at all times. Don’t just keep watching your feet while you run. You’ll miss what’s coming up – plus it’s bad running form.

Also watch when the roads are wet. If it’s been hot and then rained, the pavement will be slicker than usual. Wet leaves are also extremely slick and can cause you to slip.

Watch out running on downhills. Many runners pick up so much speed when they are running down hills, that they sometimes lose control and can go for a tumble. You can avoid this by watching out on the downhills that you keep you keep your speed under control and this will also help you with your footing.

This sounds simple – but it can happen. Runners trip over their own shoe strings. Make sure that when you start out on your runs that your shoes are tightly tied.

Another thing that can help is to double knot your shoelaces. I do this trick and it meets a two-fold purpose. It keeps the shoes tied, plus the double knot will keep your shoes from loosening up and getting uncomfortable (or even not as supportive).

Sometimes falls on the road happen. But, hopefully following these tips will keep you upright on your runs.