Running Workouts For Beginners Explained

Okay, so you’ve just bought a new pair of shoes, a headband, and as many sports drinks as you can get your hands on. You are pumped about getting into running, and as you head outside, you get excited about getting out there and pounding some pavement.

Then you realize that you have no clue what to do.

Hey, it’s okay. We all have to start somewhere, right? If you are new to the sport of running, realize that how you start determines if you stick to it or not. Fortunately, these workouts are very beginner-friendly.

Below are a few running workouts for beginners that make the following assumptions:

– You are new to running, in that you haven’t consistently run before as a part of an exercise program.

– Your aerobic endurance is either nonexistent or low.

– You have time to run at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes at a time.

– You are interested in endurance, not speed.

Now, on to the workouts.

Workout # 1: The Walk/Jog/Run

This workout is a must for the true beginner, because it gradually ramps you up to higher levels. Start off by walking for about 5 minutes at a decent pace. You should start to feel a little out of breath, but not too tired. Then, start jogging at a slightly faster pace for 5 minutes. Then, speed it up a bit and run for 3 minutes. Go back to walking and repeat the cycle. Do this three times a workout, three times a week (every other day). After Week 1, take a minute off of your walking time and add 30 seconds to your jog and your run. Do this for three weeks.

Workout #2: Your First Mile

This workout will help you get to that first mile, a great milestone (pardon the pun) for any runner. After three weeks or so of doing the first workout, run half a mile, then jog (preferably) a half a mile, three times a week. Do this for two weeks. On your sixth week, run 3/4s of a mile and jog º a mile two different times. On your third workout that week, guess what youíre going to do?

Run your first mile! Exciting, I know.

Workout #3: Stepping Up

After completing workout #2, you are ready to start putting on some miles. We’ll say this is Week 1 of your actual running program. For Week 1, run 1 mile three times (every other day). For Week 2, run 1 mile twice a week, then run 1.5 miles on your last day. For Week 3, run 1.5 miles three times, every other day. Then, for Week 4, go the distance: Try to run 1 mile at least 4 times that week. Go for 5 days if you can make it.

If you follow those workouts, you can gradually and safely build up your endurance. You’ll be winning marathons and stockpiling medals in no time.