Rush Poker Review at Full Tilt

Rush poker is a new style of poker that has just been released at full tilt poker; this is probably one of the coolest things to happen to poker in many years. With this sort of poker game you are constantly in the action, it is extremely fast paced and lets you play lots more hands than you usually would. So what is rush poker and how does it work?

The idea is very simple, instead of joining one table you join a pool of players playing at many tables, lets say you start on a table and are dealt a rubbish hand that you intend to fold, well, with rush poker you do not need to wait for the action to reach you, instead you can instantly quick fold the hand and the software will move you instantly to another table where a new hand is beginning again, if you do not like the hand move table straight away till you find a hand you like. Basically, you are just seated randomly at the tables with the other players in the player pool, when you find a hand you like you play it, simple as that.

When you do play a hand, you are in play until your action in the hand is over, therefore, if you fold you do not have to wait for the hand to complete before you start another hand. The general fast nature of this game means you can see far more hands than you would in standard play; it is almost like multi tabling. At one table, you will find that players playing in these sorts of games are playing hundreds and hundreds of hands an hour.