RV Air-Conditioning Systems Considered

One of the most important things to consider when driving around this great nation in a recreational vehicle is your air-conditioning system. If your air-conditioning system goes out while you are in Arizona in the summer time with a 119-degree day you will most likely perish. And certainly dying is most likely not they way you wanted your vacation to conclude. So, I therefore recommend installing a robust air-conditioning system and further recommend that you do the required preventative maintenance on it as well.

For my coach I chose to install a few AIRXCEL RVP brand units and I am happy I did and quite satisfied as they have operated trouble free for five years now. And best of all they are made in the United States supporting our own US workers here at home too. AIRXCEL has several brands and service centers and distributors nationwide although I have never had to call on any of them thanks to trouble free equipment.

For the best air quality I recommend changing out the filters in each unit about every three months, unless you are in a really dusty environment. If so do this after you leave to maintain proper coach air quality. I recommend always having at least three sets of filters with you at all times. As you take apart the unit you should inspect all the electrical parts for dust and debris and if they need to, blow them out to free the dust, but use a shop vacuum first to get most of it; make sure the unit is off and the power too. Please consider all this in 2006.