S10 Lift Kit – The Truth About S10 Lift Kits

Post World War II, the market was flooded with light off-road vehicles like the Jeep. There were also heavier trucks. The Jeep owed its popularity to being a utility vehicle. This marked the beginning of the off-roading hobby, as the Jeep successfully transformed from being a wartime vehicle to become a civilian one.

Truck owners look to add accessories to their vehicles whether they are owners of a Chevy, Nissan, Toyota, GMC, Dodge, Ford, or any other make of vehicle.

If you want to pursue off-roading as a hobby you need a lift kit on your truck.
Lift kits of many varieties in the market promise to transform the look of your truck.
They also help you make a style statement, as anyone without a lift is looked down as being low-life.

A lift kit installed in your vehicle makes off-roading safer and easier. It gives better ground clearance. Also it bolsters your suspension to make for great 4X4 driving.
Better ground clearance will make it easier to drive over rocky or rutted terrain.

The installation process is very easy, and your truck could soon have extra height or lift, depending on your choice. Balance and alignment should be the chief concerns, if you decide to lift your truck.

There are two types of lifts: body lifts and suspension lifts. Body lifting is done using a system of blocks to raise your vehicle above the under frame of your vehicle.

If the visual effect is what all you want and the performance of your vehicle off-road takes a backseat then you can opt for body lift. It is cheaper compared to suspension lifting. But if you want to really enjoy your off-road riding and are ready to pay for it, then you should opt for a suspension lift.

What capacity the lift kit gives depends on whether you want a total lift or only a mid-rise. Bumper brackets form part of a good kit. The make of your truck will help determine how much lift you should give it.

Various manufacturers of S10 lift kits claim that their product insures better ground clearance, minimizes adverse impact from your off-road drive, and gives your vehicle a rugged look.
It is better to get the installation done by a professional. The price is in the range of $ 100-500 depending on the type of lift kit you select, as well as the source from which you buy.