Safety Roller Barrier: A Life Saving Innovation

With the number of vehicles on the road growing every year, there has also been a consequent rise in the number of fatal accidents. In this situation, governments all around the world are consistently looking for ways to improve road safety as well as to minimize accident numbers. It’s often been observed throughout the world that certain sections of the road are more prone to accidents to compare to the rest of the roads. A highly effective solution for preventing accidents in such sections is the safety roller barrier.

An innovative design that actually can save lives

Barriers have been used in highways for over half-a-century. Yet, the older versions of barriers made little difference in the number of fatalities or injuries resulting from collisions and accidents. In many cases, the collision impacts on such barriers have been actually observed to be the reason behind dangerous injuries and fatalities. Such concerns are addressed by the safety roller barriers, that actually can save drivers’ lives. The innovative design incorporating cushion wheels and metal fence ensures that the safety roller barrier doesn’t just absorb the force during collisions, but also steers and positions the crashing vehicle at the right side of the lane.

Able to handle collision of heavy vehicles

Ordinary barriers often fail to handle collision from heavy vehicles. It’s one of the reasons why the accidents involving heavy vehicles often translate into fatalities, serious injuries and enormous monetary loss. This can however be minimized to a lot extent by the use of the safety roller barriers. In particular, it have been observed to be resilient even against the collisions involving large sized trucks on the road. One of the early adopters of safety roller barrier, which has reported massive improvement of road safety in sections that were previously prone to accidents.

Minimization of road disruption

Reliable researches have proven that sections using barrier are less prone to traffic disruptions and blockages during accidents, compared to the sections without it. This is precisely because, the level of damages on vehicles following collision against the safety roller barrier are drastically lower compared to the collision damages on other sections of the road. Thus vehicles can often be driven to safety even after crashes, which would be often be impossible to imagine after collision with other surfaces.

Able to resist several impacts

Ordinary barriers can hardly be able to resist more than one accident. Such barriers often twist or break and may need outright replacement after each collision. Yet, safety roller barriers are able to resist several collisions and still function normally for several years. This amazing durability feature that has made the safety roller barrier the solution recommended by modern road safety engineers.