Safety Rules for Using Cordless Drills

1. DO NOT USE in a wet location, or in a gaseous explosive atmosphere.

2. When using all drills, WEAR SAFETY GLASSES and DO NOT WEAR loose clothing. Loose clothing could get wrapped up in your drill and may cause serious injury.

3. DO NOT CARRY the tool with your finger on the trigger.

4. USE A CLAMP OR VISE to hold your work. It’s safer and will free both hands for operating.

5. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION when drilling into a wall, floor or wherever there could be a “live” electrical wire.

6. KEEP VISITORS AND CHILDREN AWAY from the work area.

7. DO NOT TOUCH the bit after drilling. It is hot and can cause sever burns.

8. NEVER charge cordless drills in an environment where the temperature is less than 50 degrees F or more than 130 degrees F.

9. USE ONLY the charging system that came with your drill to recharge the batteries. Using a charger other than the one that came with your system may cause serious damage to the charger or the battery. There are different volt chargers and each charger is designed for the cordless drill it came with.

10. INSPECT the tool and charging system PERIODICALLY for loose or broken components. REPAIR any defects before further use.

Cordless drills are great tools to have in your work shop, and following these rules makes it safe for everyone. These safety rules for cordless drills are designed to keep you out of harms way. Careful planning and safety go hand in hand when you are working on all your projects.