Safety Tips to Make Spring Break Fun and Safe

Many of us as students and parents look forward to the Spring Break period in which there would be a change in our daily activities. Perhaps for students it is a time in which they would take a break from the books and have some fun, while at the same time relaxing. While as parents, it is a time for spending time with our children.

Well, whatever our reasons may be for looking forward to this time of the year, we are all looking forward to enjoying ourselves and as we do this, we could keep safety in the forefront our minds. Therefore, the following suggestions are put forth.

Expose and Cover Up

Sometimes, during this time of the year, the sun and the humility could get very high and on the days in which it is over bearing although we may not want to do this, it would be best for us if we stay indoors.

Neverheless, there is also the option of going to the beach and if we choose this, walking with a large umbrella, sunshade, suntan and a hat and lots of water, would be appropriate. If we are living or would be visiting an area in which there is easy access to the beach, others may have the same idea and there before the possibility of playing volleyball or any other beach sports may be possible.

Therefore, wearing clothes and accessories that would protect us from the heat, while at the same time air, as sparingly as it may appear to be, could flow through them. Additionally, drinking lots of water would help to keep us in the game.

Do not Drink and Drive

This is a time in which some of us may choose to drink toxicating beverages and afterwards we may choose to get into our vehicles and drive.

You know, the law does not say, "Do not drive when you are drunk," instead, it says, "do not drink and drive." Therefore, if we were going to be drinking during this time, it would be best for us to leave our vehicles at home and make arrangements for someone to pick us up or we could opt for a designated driver or choose any of the other options that are available to us.

Our choices in entertainment should not put our lives as well as the lives of others in danger.

Do So With Friends

Whatever we may choose to do during this time it would be better if we do so with people we trust. This may seem simple, but unfortunately some of us would have found ourselves in danger because we had chosen to accept an invitation to a house party, sleep over etc. from an acquaintance, someone we do not know and what we do not have any reason to trust.

If we are going to accept any invitation during this time, it would be best for us to do so with at least three friends and telling our families where we would be going would be the best way to go.