Sagging Breasts – What Are Your Option When it Comes to Bras?

Sagging breast are an unfortunate call of nature, a natural occurrence to the body as time marches on. There are four main causes for sagging breasts most notably time, as you age your cleavage, like the rest of your body looses its natural tightness and firmness and as a result, sagging occurs. The other 3 main reasons for a sagging cleavage is Loss of Weight, this is can be quite noticeable as people are more aware of getting fit and eating healthy these days, Pregnancy and Breast Feeding both of which encourage enlargement of the breast, through the engorging of the milk glands which stretch the breasts and when the milk glands return to normal, the breast skin and tissue is stretched and does not return to its original size resulting in a dropped bust line.

There are many options available on the market right now, to help counteract this and make your cleavage look and feel the way you desire. They range in cost from Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery to the wonders of the Bra, with herbs, supplements, pumps and exercises sitting in the middle.

The range of bras available today that will help you instantly change the look of your bust is immense. Here we will look at the most popular choices available.

Firstly, has to be the push up bra and all the other bras that work in the same manner, padded push up, water push up, gel push up and silicon push up. These bras give instant lift and add volume to the breasts, make them fuller firmer and bigger looking, the lift takes out the sagging and restores your cleavage to where it needs to be.

Secondly is no doubt, the underwire bra. These bras offer tremendous support and hold each breast individually up and in a very natural position, removing any signs of sagging or drooping.

Thirdly, has to be the shelf bras, like the underwire bra the amount of support offered by a good shelf bra in amazing and the lift from the underneath to the bust stops the breasts sagging. Finding a good fitting shelf bra can take time, so if this is the one to compliment your outfit, make sure you take our time in your choice of purchasing one.

And the other main type is the sports bra; this bra is designed for use mainly during workouts and exercises and comes in 4 different levels of control (light, moderate, full and maximum). But a good quality sports bra in Light control can offer amazing support and holds your breasts in the position you so desire, making them look naturally more firmer and perkier, the only drawback to these bras is that due to the tight rigid control of the breast they can have a minimizing effect on the size of your cleavage.