Sales Letter Pages – How To Structure Your Opening Paragraph

Once you've written your headline the next crucible question is how do you begin your sales letter.
Do you tell the prospective client immediately what it is you're intending to sell? Do you just stir him up a bit so he can comprehend why would he require your product or service?

The course of the initial paragraph of your sales letter depends on the theme you've chosen. That subject will dictate whether your lead paragraph will follow a specific creative approach or focus on your offer.

Once your initial paragraph is at par with your theme, the focal point should shift to your warm-up. An inefficient warm-up will paralyse a sales letter more than any other aspect, resulting in an average letter.

A great sales piece will get to the point instantly. Your objective is to command and draw the interest of the reader. It is not to establish the groundwork for comprehending the piece; it's to create immediate interest in the topic that you have selected.

Also, the initial paragraph should be in the first person. A speedy way to obliterate a letter is to talk in the third person or to include 'we' in the letter. To begin a letter with "we" can spoil your response.

Here is a comprehensive set of the rules to follow in creating your first paragraph:

a. Make it theatrical, interesting and directed to the exact target audience.
b. Keep your paragraph concise.
c. Keep your sentences accuracy.
d. Keep your words short.
e. Use "you" to engage the prospect.
f. Make your message come from a single person, on a very individual basis, with the aim of building a one-on-one dialogue through the piece.
g. In assessing any sales letter, one of the basic things you should do is examine the lead paragraph. Does it match the approach and taste of the six points listed above?

There is no rigid formula to a lead-in paragraph, but your letters will create enhanced responses if you follow, rather than break, the rules.