Salmon Fishing – 24 Key Features Of Going Salmon Fishing

Sport fishing is an utmost preferred activity across the globe. Amidst so many of its types & varieties sometimes the most known is salmon fishing.

The key features of salmon fishing are as follows:

1. Salmon fish are found in all sorts of waters that are fresh as well as salty.

2. Also their excellent fight & extreme size make these quite a preferred sports fish.

3. Also one can fish for them from any part of the sea that is using boats, sitting off the shore and / or using net fishing.

4. Another key benefit is that the meat fetched from the salmon fish is quite versatile for several purposes.

5. The meat of salmon fish can be baked, barbecued, canned, planked, fried, etc.

6. It falls under the staple diet.

7. The meat of salmon fish happens to come under some of the national dishes from diverse countries like Canada & Japan and the Scandinavian nations.

8. Also the French cuisine features this sort of salmon meat in varied forms that truly makes it an international food.

9. Unlike several other types of fishing, salmon fishing does not need that huge bulk of the expensive equipment.

10. Just a sturdy rod & reel, along with a jig and / or the hook system would easily do the trick for salmon fishing.

11. Salmon fishing indeed calls for some lures & some luck and last but certainly not the least, very good planning.

12. To fish the salmon one can use the similar techniques as are used for other varieties of fresh water fish like the bass & trout.

13. Other options to do salmon fishing are to use techniques like fly fishing in the spring season, worms & lures for the summer season, and spinning & netting for the fall season as well as the winter months.

14. Salmon fishingides being a great sport is also considered as a great source to gather food.

15. However, this traditional sport of fishing is controlled as well, in order to prevent the extinction of this great species due to over-fishing.

16. Across the world, in several nations the salmon have stopped running or returning to their spawning streams.

17. Here, efforts are being made all across the globe to maintain its numbers & the population of the species.

18. Fishermen & the women travel to various nations in order to experience the several opportunities of the salmon fishing in the various waterways using different types of bait & tackle.

19. Salmon fishing is popular among individuals at all ages whether or not old, and among men as well as women.

20. Along the coastal areas of the north several farms are now being maintained to serve the people who love salmon fishing.

21. These farms are also helpful in satisfying the domestic needs for growing fish & the related products.

22. Salmon is an aquaculture species that grows naturally in the fresh & the salt waters.

23. The salmon fish farms also help in the preservation of the wild and the natural stocks providing the nation's fishing population like the sports fishermen & the anglers worldwide.

24. Various known & common spots across the globe to enjoy salmon fishing are as follows:

a. Alaska, United States
b. British Columbia, Canada
c. Washington State, US
d. Oregon, United States
e. California, United States
f. Scotland
g. Estonia & Latvia
h. Scandinavia
i. Japan