Sanding and Sealing Hardwood Floors and Parquet Floors

Tips and advice on Sanding and Sealing parquet floors

This is a guide to follow please take time to read and understand and preferably seek more advice if needed.

Once you have finished laying your parquet floor blocks or hardwood floor start by using a 50 grit sand paper and work diagonally across the floor always with the grain of the floor. If you are sanding an old floor then use a lower grit of 36 to take off the old lacquer you can go all ways over the floor when taking off old lacquer but always finish by going with the grain diagonally across the floor. Once you have finished going over the floor once with a 50 grit sanding belt go round the edges with the edger in 50 grit sanding disk. Then repeat go round the edges working up the grits 50 grit then 80 grit then last of all 100.

Go all over the floor with a 80 grit on the big belt sander then repeat once over with a 100 grit always diagonally across the floor switching witch diagonal to take each once one way then up a grit and go diagonally the other. Once you have the whole floor up to 100 grit then fill. Mix up resin filler with the sanding dust out of the edger it is a finer dust. Then with a filling knife fill the whole floor making sure you push the filler down the cracks “the more the merrier”. Preferable leave to dry over night or three to four hours. Finish the floor with a final sand of 120 grit making sure all filler is removed and sanding with the grain diagonally. Clean the floor when finished with a hover, clean all skirtings and window ledges making sure all dust is up leave about half an hour for dust to settle then tack the whole floor with tack cloth or wet cloth.

Now ready for finishing, I recommend a water base lacquer like bona mega or similar or for high traffic areas bona traffic or similar. Start by applying lacquer to the edges with a brush then on to rolling out the lacquer with a roller on a pole, use a short mole haired roller and spread the laquer consistently. Don’t leave any big puddles of lacquer as this will show and take longer to dry. Cover the whole floor and leave to dry for about two hours then repeat and cover floor again using same process and leave over night. In the morning the laquer should be dry and ready for a light sand preferably with a screen machine or a fine sand by hand 150 grit or higher. Hover clean and wipe with tack cloth or wet cloth.

Then on to final coat repeat as before making sure this time you are perfect as this will not be sanded back. “Voila” you are finished preferably leave over night and that’s it, thanks for reading, if you’re interested in having a parquet floor please check out my website. if you need any more information please check out

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