Santa Monica and Venice Beaches

A stroll in Santa Monica will be a highlight of your trip in California. The neighborhood is truly charming, the atmosphere is excellent, the scenery is beautiful and the former homes of the stars are fascinating. There are two walks not to miss – the 3rd Street Promenade and Santa Monica Pier.

The 3rd Street Promenade is a very romantic and very popular pedestrian street. This is the heart of the city of Santa Monica. The evenings and the weekends are particularly lively with many musicians and street performers. The 3rd Street Promenade is lined by restaurants and shops, often very nice, which stay open late. There are also many bars, cafés and cinemas nearby.

In the ocean, the Santa Monica Pier is a long wooden jetty which was completed in 1921. It is the oldest marina in the American West. Today, the Santa Monica Pier is packed with restaurants, shops and a fun fair which will delight children. The carousel is well known in film, and it dates from 1922. The walk along the beach should absolutely go through here, if only for the atmosphere. The street performers animate the dock music. With a little luck, you can even see authentic Californian surfers listening to the music of the Beach Boys!

Santa Monica is located west of the city, north of the airport. To get there you can take the Santa Monica Freeway. The bike path along the beach is several kilometers long and can take you to Venice Beach.

Venice Beach is together with Malibu Beach, the most famous film with its long track for bikes and rollerblades. Yes, Venice is one of the few neighborhoods in Los Angeles that is closed to motor vehicles. It is there before the ideal place to unwind and enjoy the incredible atmosphere of the place.

Initially, Venice was a small resort. After a trip to Venice in the early twenty century, the wealthy property owner decided to make this neighborhood the Venice California. He then undertook the construction of canals and buildings recalling the architecture of the city of Doges. Poorly designed, the canals were filled 20 years later, but the district retained the name of Venice.

The Venice neighborhood is particularly well known for being the Mecca of the hippie movement in Los Angeles. Jim Morrison specifically enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of this neighborhood and this is where the legendary group the Doors was formed. Today, traces of that era are still treated in Venice. Indeed, the days attract many street artists, old hippies and fringe that animate the neighborhood.

Neverheless, Venice is not nearly as cool as in the 1960s. It is strongly recommended not to visit the area after nightfall. At this time, the area belongs to the gang. Attacks are many, but rest assured, there is nothing to fear during the day. However, the area is much protected, as tourism requires.

Today, Venice is a permanent show where street performers entertain passersby in a very friendly atmosphere. We find musicians, speakers, dancers, jugglers, and other fire-eaters. The attractions of Venice also pass through the small stands of exotic products and the huge murals that adorn the area. Do not forget the beautiful women passing by and the roller body men who show off their muscles in the gym outdoors … The whole is a multifaceted entertainment and contrasting assembly, so representative of America.