Save Yourself From a Receding Hairline

Male pattern baldness involving thinning of the hair from the forehead line is known as receding hairline. This is most commonly found in males but there are also rare cases of females with the same condition. It is seen as a sign of aging mostly. But this condition in the early adulthood is an issue of concern. Receding hairline is also known as frontal hair loss. This will ultimately end in baldness if left untreated

Loss of hair is due to dihydrotestosterone which is a male hormone. The high levels of this hormone bring about increased fall of strands. Females with high DHT also face the same problem. Testosterone combines with 5 alpha reductase to from DHT. The DHT thus formed attacks the hair follicles and loses its hold on the hair leading to the loss, this being the genetic reason behind greatest issue faced by people across. There are also other reasons that lead to a receding hairline.

Excessive usage of chemicals on the hair is one of the major reasons for frontal hair loss. Shampoos, dyes, gels etc when used beyond the limit will ultimately lead to hair loss. Limit shampooing your hair to twice in a week. Using different shampoos each time might also become a reason for hair loss. Good food and proper diet can help maintain healthy hair and also plays the role in blocking DHT. The body should be supplied with the vitamins and minerals required to maintain it healthy. Excessive intake of any particular nutrient can also be harmful. Some disease conditions also cause hair loss. Proper disease diagnosis and treatment can stop any hair loss related with it. Certain hair styles also can lead to receding of the frontal hair, like tight ponytails. They pull the hair backward and loose the hold of the hair follicles on the roots. This pressure on the follicles for longer periods of time will detach the hair from the follicle. Sometimes, a cotton pillow case can also alleviate the problem. In such a condition, a satin or silk pillow case will come handy. Excessive combing also can lead to hair loss. Combing will cause slight fall of hair but when it comes to frequent combing, each time the strand is lost.

These are the ways to prevent frontal problems with the hair. But if you are already stricken with this condition, these may not come handy. In such a case, hair transplant is highly recommended. There are also other medications containing Finasteride and Minoxidil which has been approved by FDA to cure frontal hair loss.