Scaffolding Towers Review: The "Gardeno" Mobile Work Platform

When you think about the phrase “scaffolding tower,” chances are you think of the type large scaffolding systems you see deployed on a construction site. While it’s true that scaffolding towers are used extensively in construction, as an avid DIYer, I’ve often wished there was a scaled down model designed for use by home-owners, especially in the garden. Well, my wait is over. I’ve found the perfect solution: the “Gardeno” mobile work platform. Read on to learn more.

About the “Gardeno” Mobile Work Platform

Since I have a fairly extensive garden, I’m always looking for products that will expedite its care. This is an exceptionally stable and strong mini scaffold designed with gardeners in mind. The “Gardeno” is mounted on two large (10in) pneumatic tyres, so it’s quite easy to move over many types of surfaces, hard or soft. By the way, a pneumatic tyre is one that’s filled with air, rather than being solid. Fitted with independent screw jacks at each corner, along with durable steel foot pads that are 6in in diameter, the “Gardeno” is easy to level. The footpads prevent sinking if the platform is located on soft ground. The platform adjusts to four heights: 50cms (20in), 80cms (32in), 110cms (44in), and 140cms (55in). The platform is sturdily built from plywood, which tends to be stronger than plain wood planks. Surrounding the platform is a strong steel frame to which it is securely mounted.

Features and Specifications

The “Gardeno” will support a maximum load of 200kg (31.5st). Remember that this rating includes both the weight of the person and the weight of any tools or materials that are present. When I was shopping for a work platform, I found many models to be quite difficult to handle. One of the reasons I chose this one is that it’s amazingly light and thus very easy for one person to handle. I simply use the inbuilt handles to wheel it to a new location in my garden, very much like a wheelbarrow and not much heavier. Quite well balanced! For durability, the “Gardeno” is finished in tough epoxy-based powder coat over heavy duty construction that uses strong 32mm (1.25in) quality tubular steel.

More about the “Gardeno” Work Platform

You should know that this product requires some minor assembly, but no tools are required. Just follow the simple instructions. When you’re done using the “Gardeno,” just remove a few pins to pack it flat for easy storage, even in small spaces. The platform size is a generous 115cms x 42cms (45in x 16.5in). I’ve been able to reach working heights of up to 3.5m (11ft6), so it’s great for trimming small trees and the ivy that grows on my house. Expect to pay about £85.00 for the versatile “Gardeno.” The price should include VAT and free delivery.

For anyone with an extensive garden or a list of DIY projects that require working at height, the “Gardeno” mobile work platform is a versatile alternative to large scaffolding towers.