Scaffolding Towers Review: The Popular Mini Fold Model

Scaffolding towers are popular and exceptionally safe ways to work at high height. Whether you’re an ambitious homeowner with plenty of DIY projects, or a busy tradesman with a long queue of jobs, using a scaffolding tower is a great way to expedite the work. However, these towers have their own set of inherent features and functions that you should be aware of. Safety is of paramount importance, as well. Here’s some information about working safely on them and about a popular model called the “mini fold.”

About the Mini Fold Scaffold

This is a scaled-down version of the scaffold towers commonly found in industrial and trade environments. It’s a lightweight yet robust structure that’s ideal for use by a single person. A mini fold tower also works well where space is limited. In fact, many people find that a mini fold is safer, more stable, and easier to use than a conventional step ladder. When using this type of equipment, it’s important to ensure that it’s deployed on firm and level ground, and that the structure is well secured. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the safe working height, and never exceed it.

Features of the Mini Fold Scaffold Tower

This tower can be used indoors or outdoors, but never use sheeting on it, or use it in high winds. The work area measures 1.50m x.70m and the tower has six different platform heights. Four 5″ locking castors are included, and a guardrail pack is available separately. The tower folds down to a size that’s easy to stow in a caravan or carry on a roof rack. Although the tower is deceptively easy to transport and deploy, it’s important to follow all recommended safety rules. For example, when indicated, always install outriggers or stabilisers according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not overload the tower with heavy equipment, and never use the tower to hoist materials.

A Few Specifications of the Mini Fold Scaffold Tower

Mini fold scaffolding towers typically carry an HD1004 Class 3 rating. HD1004 is more widely known as BS1139: Part 3, and is the European standard that applies to prefabricated mobile access industrial duty towers. It does not apply to domestic duty towers. HD1004 is used in 18 different EU countries, and although not a legal requirement, is a feature to look for when buying or using a scaffolding tower. The mini fold tower will support a maximum load of 150kg, and is made from light, yet durable aluminium. It is 1.5m long, and has an open height of 1.7m. This industrial quality tower has locking castors for extra safety. It weighs 32kg and is.7m wide. The platform height is 1.7m, and the tower sells for about £270.

When properly used, scaffolding towers like the mini fold are quite safe. It is important, though, to use it responsibly. Do be aware, as well, that there are certain weather conditions, such as high winds and driving rain, that will destabilise it.