Scaffolding Towers Review: The Saturn Galvanised Steel Tower

For trade and industrial work at height applications, scaffolding towers usually are preferable. Towers are quite stable, and generally can support a much greater weight of workers, tools and materials. If the tower is to be used outdoors, and if it’s made from steel, rust and corrosion can become an issue. One solution is to galvanise the steel. Galvanisation is a chemical process in which steel is coated with layers of zinc, which does not rust or corrode. The steel components of the Saturn scaffolding tower are submerged in melted zinc, and a chemical reaction bonds the zinc to the steel. This is not a coating — the zinc permanently and chemically becomes part of the steel by way of a reaction between the iron molecules in the steel and the zinc. So, although the top layer is made completely of zinc, the layers beneath are composed of a mixture of zinc and iron that protect the steel that’s beneath them. Galvanised steel is very resistant to rust and corrosion, making it perfect for outdoor applications. Here’s some information about a galvanised steel scaffold tower with the unlikely name of “Saturn.”

Scaffolding Towers: About the Saturn Galvanised Steel Tower

This is an exceptionally high quality tower made from pre-galvanised steel that carries an unconditional 5-year guarantee. The steel tubing is quite robust, with a generous 38mm (1-1/2″) diameter, along with a 16 gauge wall thickness. This translates to a wall thickness of 1.59mm. Saturn scaffolding towers have a good range of optional accessories, such as castors, stabilisers, internal ladders, and trapdoor platforms, so users can devise customised solutions for their particular work at height applications. The most popular frame size is 4′ x 4,’ but other sizes are available.

Scaffolding Towers: Features of the Saturn Galvanised Steel Tower

The Saturn tower is especially easy to transport and store because it breaks down into a compact package, including the platform boards. The tower comes in kit form with everything you’ll need, including frame, diagonal braces, handrails and base plates. Optional accessories include castors to make the tower easier to move, and stabilisers (outriggers) to make the tower safe at platform heights above12ft6. The adjustable base allows the tower to be safely erected on sloping or uneven ground. You can buy the platform boards along with the Saturn tower, or make them up yourself according to the supplied dimensions.

Scaffolding Towers: A Few Specifications of the Saturn Tower

The platform height is 6ft, and the approximate working height is about 12ft. The tower weighs 44kg and sells for about £156.00. The tower’s safe working load is 250kg, provided it’s evenly distributed and suitable platform material is employed. The safety guardrails are a special feature of Saturn towers. The guardrails are a full 3ft high and double level. This means that, even if users kneel or sit on the platform, they still will be protected by the guardrails.

Saturn scaffolding towers are carefully engineered and manufactured to provide safe work at height solutions.