Scaffolding Towers Review: The Super-Speedy 80 Light Trade Alloy Tower

Scaffolding towers are good alternative to ladders in many work at height applications. For example, if the work is to be of long duration, it’s much safer and more comfortable for workers to use the wide platforms of a scaffold tower, rather than stand uncomfortably on the narrow rungs of a ladder. Another positive feature of tower scaffolds is that it’s possible for more than one worker to use them simultaneously. In addition, a much larger quantity and weight of tools and materials can be used on scaffold towers than on ladders. Here’s some information about a sturdy and reliable scaffold tower: the Super-Speedy 80 light trade alloy tower.

Scaffolding Towers: About the Super-Speedy 80 Light Trade Alloy Tower

This tower is certified to comply fully with the European EN1004 Class 3 standard, an update of the old HD1004 specifications, which means it has passed a set of rigorous tests, and is deemed safe for light trade use. In fact, the Super-Speedy 80 now includes additional components to ensure compliance with the UK Health & Safety requirement for the 3T assembly method. These included components make the Super-Speedy tower a great value for the money. Although designed for light trade use, the tower also can be used for domestic applications as well. It will support a maximum safe working load of 150kg, yet is very light in weight, due to its aluminium construction. The aluminium also means that the tower is easy to erect, easy to transport, and easy to store.

Scaffolding Towers: Features of the Super-Speedy 80 Light Trade Alloy Tower

A key feature of this tower is its small base size, just 1.75m x 0.83m, which means it will fit into narrow areas. The tower rungs are designed to be non-slip, and are serrated for extra safety. To facilitate moving the tower, a castor pack is included. In addition, the base unit folds for easy storage. Do be aware, however, that adjustable legs are not included. They are available as an optional add-on. The modular design of the Super-Speedy tower makes it a great value, because only what’s needed can be bought, and more modules added when needed.

Scaffolding Towers: A Few Specifications of the Super-Speedy 80 Tower

The tower’s maximum working height is 3.80m, and the maximum platform height is 1.80m. It’s important to note that the tower’s maximum safe working load 150kg. Measuring 1.75m x 0.83m, the tower is fully compliant with all relevant health and safety regulations. It’s critically important though, to ensure that aluminium towers like the Super-Speedy 80 are correctly assembled and used, because their light weight makes them vulnerable to overturning. To avoid accidents, all parts of the tower must be in place for it to be stable. In some cases, stabilisers may be need to be added to ensure that scaffolding towers are safely deployed.

Scaffolding towers like the Super-Speedy 80 light trade alloy tower make working at height safer, while increasing efficiency.