School Assemblies Build With Character

What better way to teach students about character values than by using a school assembly? These activities are an entertaining and informative way to present students with a positive message about how to deal with peer-pressure, stay away from drugs and alcohol, and learn positive character traits that will last a lifetime.

School assemblies are easy to set up and can be presented at any location no matter where, nor what size the student body. Assembly performances use audio and visual equipment so that all of the students can enjoy a day outside of the classroom and still lean valuable lessons. Character building is vital for students of all ages so they can grow up with the responsibility and citizenship needed for a successful life.

There are six pillars of character including:

o Respect

o Responsibility

o Trustworthiness

o Fairness

o Caring

o Citizenship

Since students at this level are impressionable, it’s up to the school to provide them with positive messages that enhance their growth and life development skills. Learning such traits such as citizenship enables students of all ages understand how important it is to make their environment a better place. Students who use positive citizenship take pride in their school and community, learn how to give back to those in need, and realize how important it is to follow rules so that the world is a better place.

School assemblies are great for sharing a positive message in an entertaining and causal manner. An assembly can be used for a variety of reasons, whether it is to show the students something new and exciting, or simply providing an illustrated message as to why students should abstain from drugs, alcohol, peer-pressure or lack of character. Students also identify with the message of an assembly since they often use contemporary issues and people close in age to spread the message.