School Assemblies Go Extreme

School assemblies don’t have to be boring affairs. Actually by mixing any school assembly topic with say, an extreme BMX racing stunt show, you’ve got yourself an assembly the kids will be begging to attend.

By combining what naturally interests most kids: action, with what you need them to know: information, PTA’s and student councils can pack a punch with an extreme sports show. For example, do you want to talk to your school assemblies about bullying? Drugs? Drinking? Back to School? For school age kids between Kindergarten through 12th grade, a BMX extreme stunt show has all it takes to keep the interest level high at school assemblies throughout the West.

While stunts of daring and awe inspiring bicycle skills keep the audience riveted, announcers are able to discuss with audiences the different kinds of bullying, how to protect themselves and most importantly, what they can to do help prevent it. Holding extreme BMX school shows events is growing more popular every year and is getting the message out to kids at school assemblies in California, Colorado and everywhere in between. Discussing topics like bullying, drug awareness, the dangers of drinking and driving and after-school safety for Elementary, Junior High and High School students, combined with a stunning stunt show holds and keeps the attention of all age groups, no matter where they live.

Traveling throughout the country, such extreme sports shows guarantee a rapt audience for a multitude of relevant topics for today’s kids. Everyone knows that the attention span of many kids these days is practically non-existent. To get the message across, and absorbed, school leaders across the nation are looking for better ways to engage their multi-age level audiences during school assemblies. What better way than to provide them a with a jaw-dropping BMX bicycle stunt show? You’ll have a captive audience, guaranteed.