Scissor Lifts – Its Description and Types

If you are looking for machinery that could help you to raise some heavy objects or people, you can make use of a scissor lifts or table lifts. They are utilized in raising number of people and heavy objects. These machines have a platform which is built on top of a criss-cross base that may enlarge and contract per height. They are obtainable in a selection of diverse sizes. You can have your choices from among those depending on the requirements of height, whether the equipment have to be stationary or mobile and the way by which the machine is powered. The lifts when not being used are compact and can be stored easily because the supports are collapsible in nature. Hence as they are perfect to be used in factories and warehouses, they can be utilized efficiently in your workplace as well as in your garage.

There are many things to put into consideration when choosing scissor lifts; you must purchase a product with elevated standard of performance, safety and stability. Depending on the intention, select a machine which can endure high temperatures, acidic elements and water. Lifts that are made of stainless steel are the excellent option, but certainly more costly. Keep in mind also that as you want to expand your lift, you will pay extra amount for the additional scissors to be inserted. Moving lifts that come together with a wheel drive in the front are more costly than lifts that are stationary.

Choosing lifts that have shirking bar surrounding them helps avoid injuries such as clothing or limbs getting caught by the scissor as it expands. A security bar is available also and is very useful in preventing the lift to contract if too much load has been set on the surface of the table. Although lifts are very useful, there are plenty of accidents wherein limbs and lives have vanished because the scissors collapsed due to excess load and overuse. You have to remember all these things as you make your choice so that injuries will be prevented and no limbs or lives will be lost.

There are two types of scissor lifts depending in the method they are energized: The hydraulic and pneumatic scissor lifts.

Hydraulic scissor lifts, in this kind of lifts, a liquid that is highly pressured is passed on through the machine which makes it to expand and contract. The fluid might be controlled by valves. When moving, it releases big amount of pressure which is transformed into power by actuators (mechanical device). The advantage of utilizing hydraulic lift is due to the fact that platform can be returned manually to the earth or ground. This can help prevent accidents.

Pneumatic scissor lifts, these lifts are energized by means of air bags instead of elevated pressure liquid which pose the risk of leakages. However the accuracy of these lifts is not similar to the precision of the hydraulic ones. In reality air bags are implicated in the contraction and expansion which leads to several amount of rebounds when loads are placed or taken from the stand or platform.