Scotty Cameron California Coronado Putter Review

Built for the putting purists out there who demand perfect balance and feel, the Scotty Cameron California Coronado Putter is a timeless blade design that is precision milled from 303 stainless steel which helps to provide a soft sound and feel that promotes precise distance control, and has a two-tiered flange that flows back into a pulled in heel, that Scotty likes to call a pintail.

The Coronado Putter benefits from the same successful technological enhancements to that of the Studio Select Putter line Series, and one of the main beneficial enhancements is the introduction of the new interchangeable weighting technology.

This technology uses circular weights that are screwed into both the heel and toe end of the putter sole, which not only helps to increase the sweet spot and moment of inertia for more stability, balance and forgiveness, but also enables Scotty to perfectly balance the putter head weight in relation to the 3 different shaft length options that he offers. which are the 33″, 34″ and 35″.

If you prefer a more heavier weighted putter that gives you a more solid and heavier feel, the Scotty Cameron California Coronado Putter offers 2 heavier shaft length options with the 34″H and 35″H shafts.

Similar to the rest of the Scotty Cameron California Putter Series, the California Coronado Putter benefits from a high toe setup, which helps to reduce the common error that many golfers have which is to raise the toe end of the putter head up at address, which results in aiming left of target, and comes complete with a distinguished honey dipped finish that looks absolutely great in natural light and helps to reduce glare from the top line.

There are 5 Putter Models in total in the California Line each named after Scotty’s favourite California Towns and with their own unique design, and each featuring his new draft sole design that keeps the putter head square at address and promotes accurate alignment.