Screen Porch Windows – An Easy Option

Looking for a good screen porch DIY idea? Here is one that is easy and has an added bonus -screen porch windows. Porch windows are custom made to fit your existing porch or if you already have a screen porch, use them to create a three season porch.

Better than a glass option, screen porch windows do not need additional framing which will reduce your overall installation cost. Install them yourself or hire a contractor. Just accurately measure the distance between your existing framing (no matter the size) and the panels install easily. You can have floor to ceiling panoramic viewing.

Made from 10-mil vinyl these transparent glazed panels are extremely flexible and will not break or shatter like glass. This makes it ideal for families with children and pets. No need to worry about someone accidentally running into windows. If distorted, they quickly return to their original shape.

They come in two track and vertical four track options. The four track option glides up and down to give you 75% of your opening in ventilation compared to 50% or less for a standard glass window. Another convenient feature is that you can adjust the four track panels in a variety of ways to capture the breeze or keep the rain out. The horizontal panels give you full air flow throughout your screened porch.

Want privacy? Screen porch windows come in tints to allow you visibility but restrict unwanted viewing from the exterior. This also helps protect your furniture from fading and reduces heat and glare.

Maintenance is so easy also. The panels tilt for easy cleaning and the aluminum framing only requires a mild soap and water rinse occasionally.

Storage is not an issue. Open the panels in summer to catch the breeze and close them in the cooler months; no additional storage is required.

And because size is not an issue, you can even enclose your garage with these windows! This convenient option allows you to convert your garage or larger structure into a screened or three season room. Think about the possibilities.

Definitely investigate this window option if you are thinking of converting your existing porch or even your screen porch into a three season room. They make it an easy and relatively inexpensive option to standard glass windows without the hassles of storage, framing, and safety.