Screened Porch Kits

Did you spend last summer not sitting on the porch because of bugs – especially mosquitoes? Maybe you did sit on the porch but simply felt it was too exposed for your taste. It was the case, then you really need to think about getting a screened porch kit before our outdoor time starts.

Porch enclosures are more than just putting up wood and stapling in some screening. You now have many options. Metal framing comes in various colors, wood comes in various types (eg, cedar), the roof can be insulated aluminum or flat pan, the screens can be fiberglass or solar, you can have insulated kick panels, and even include a doggy kitty) door.

It is important to consider your environment – especially if you live in an area with heavy snow or extreme weather conditions. The structure needs to be sturdy enough to withstand snow (and snow does weigh a lot) as well as large amounts of rain, or maybe even hail (if you live in an area where tornado activity is present).

Probably one of the best benefits of a porch enclosure is that your outdoor items including furniture, tables, decor, etc., are going to be protected from the elements – such as direct sunlight and heat. This alone is what makes a porch enclosure a great value. That and the longevity of use. This is why after you have installed your newest addition, it can easily be used as a warm and inviting sunroom, and / or have expired usage time to become a three-season porch.

As with any type of renovation, you can choose to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. In either case, a screened porch kit will be used – simply because a kit has all the necessary pieces. Having a plan is key since this will become an addition to the outside of your home. Take into account how the porch will look and the best way to make it really look like an integral part versus something that was just quickly put up.

Depending on what type of area you live in, you may need to get permission from a homeowner association as well. They will want to see the plans and – most importantly, know exactly how the outside will look. For example, are you using the same material as the outside of your home (eg, vinyl or wood) and will it be painted the same color. Do not be surprised if their response pushes you into make a more formalized plan – something you should be doing anyway.

Overall, a screened porch kit is an excellent investment – both from the additional usable footage it adds to your home (and it will increase the value of your home) and the enjoyment it will give you for years to come. It is amazing how one small change can bring about such quality of life.