Screw and Bolt Tips For the DIYer

Screws are a great invention; they secure things ten times better than nails and don’t need any impact to insert. However there are quite a few tips you may need to know on how to deal with screws. Now not being a DIY expert myself I have looked up ways of solving some of the problems you have when using screws.

* Quite often we want to get a screw out and it has rusted up. If you soak it overnight with some lemon juice by wrapping a lemon juice soak tissue, this will make it much easier to remove.

* If a screw is stuck no problem here’s a great trick to sort it out. Assuming the screw head is above the surface use a small hacksaw blade to cut a new groove

* You know those little bags of silica gel crystals you find in many electrical products packaging? Save them and put it in you screw boxes. Apparently it will keep them shiny.

* Another tip for rusty screws came up trying to remove it. Try using a soldering iron to heat the head of the screw. The heat will expand the metal and loosen the rust.

* Cola has a phosphoric acid content, which eats rust. So when you have a rusted screw dip it in some coke overnight and the rust will be gone.

* Yet another interesting, but successful tip for rusty bolts is the use of good old Tabasco sauce. Just squirt a small dose on the screw and make yourself a cup of tea. After which there shouldn’t be any problem unscrewing it.

Finally, a very useful tip for the storing screws using a jam jar with a metal screw top. Simply drill a hole in the top of the lid and screw it to the underside of a shelf of table. You now have a place to put the jar and its contents, what a space saver this is.