SDS Hammer Drills

Bosh Company first introduced the SDS hammer drills or Special Direct System Drills in the year 1975. These equipments are very much similar to regular hammer drills but in a more improved and developed sense which allows the later to have more power in terms of hammer blows. To function well, a user should need SDS drill bits that makes hammer drills safer in terms of minimizing hammer slips.

As a comparison, the normal hammer equipments have to moved the entire whole drill chuck in order to produce hammer action whereas when using an equipment, user will only have to allow the bits to move inside the chuck, which allows power to direct accurate and efficient work. The SDS hammer drill is far better when it comes to performance drilling of objects like concretes.

There are absolutely a lot of advantages when it comes to hammer drills. One SDS hammer drills is far beyond the normal equipment when talking about hard drilling jobs. The hammer can drill 90% through an object and finishes the job more quickly than any normal drills. As compared to a normal drill, you will be able to finish ahead when using an equipment.

In addition, SDS drills are controlled through different modes. When you want to drill in normal speed without much action, you can opt for a maximum speed of 1500RPM slower. You can also choose hammer only mode or often called “roto stop”. When using this, you have to fit a range of SDS chisel bits or even use the equipment in micro drills like a concrete breaker. This mode is best opted for light drilling action, removing tiles or bricks, or even creating socket cut-ins or cable runs.

You will also be surprised at how an hammer equipment can be so much quieter than any normal hammer when drill provides that SDS drills have better and tough performance. There are also safety clutches provided by hammer equipments like the ability to cut the power of the drill once it jams in any object being drilled.

When looking for a better and ideal drill, you have to look for the ideal weight, which is usually 2kg and up to 4kg. There are also low end or budget SDS drills but they are much heavier than the good ones.

Additional features of drills include speed control that can allow you some bit of control when it comes to handling and drilling specific and various objects. There is also the rotation lock control that allows user to lock the chisel so it won’t be moved once a user decides to drill into an object thoroughly.

When using an drill the first time, you should be extra careful in drilling walls as it may collapse because of the power drill brought about by drills. It would be best to equipment some holes first to avoid this kind of problem. It is suggested that to give a maximum power, drill a bit in the title with an inch or 1 1/8 inch. However, under power drill will result if there are bigger equipments bit.