Sea Eagle Foldcat 375fc Review

If you’re playing with the thought of upgrading your boat then take a glance at the Sea Eagle Foldcat 375fc. Too many boats out there promise you comfort and promise you reliability, but rarely does one actually come through with these promises. Therefore, it’s crucial to research and learn which qualities are most relevant for you when it comes to a boat.

The Sea Eagle Foldcat 375fc is the boat that’s advertised as being able to go from car to fishing in only five minutes. It’s a two person boat weighing in at only 75 pounds making it easy to transport, and also doesn’t get waterlogged. Overall, the lightweight of it makes maneuvering the boat quite easy and it’s never awkward like most boats are. The set up doesn’t require much so it literally will be from car to fishing in only a few minutes. You just have to unfold the system, inflate both suns, and saltwater resistant, 1000 denier reinforced pontoons and your assembly is complete.

As convenient as can be this boat can fit inside of a full sized car trunk when folded. The folding frame essentially removes almost all of the assembly time as well as allowing the transportation of your boat to be a painless accomplishment. The fold up feature might seem unnecessary to some, until you actually consider how much of a struggle it is getting your boat to the fishing waters. The fold up feature is inventive and accessible for everyone, even if you have a small vehicle.

This boat has two built in 360 degree swivel, cushioned, snap/on or off seat. The seats are incredibly comfortable allowing you to fish all day without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. The motor mounts offers electric trolling motor or gas motor all the way up to 3 HP. There’s a catamaran hull design and aluminum frame that supplies a sturdy fishing platform. The platform is significant in the way it can please fishermen that like to stand or sit, so nobody has to compromise. Even with the Sea Eagle Foldcat 375fc being a fairly light boat it’s can still hold its own. It’s stable enough for you to stand on and fish off of without any concern of falling in the water.

Now the price might seem slightly scary if you’ve never invested in a boat before. The price comes in it at 1300 dollars; however this is actually quite a buy. Most boat will come in several hundred dollars more and not be as easy to use and transport. With the light weight and sturdy floor and the fold up abilities, this boat truly provides you with everything.

For those that don’t want quality to be a put on the backburner then look into the Sea Eagle Foldcat 375fc. This boat will cater to you and insure your fishing trip is everything you want it to be. With the price, the features, and the name brand, you’re fishing adventures will never have to be less than perfect again.