Search by Cellphone Number For Name and Address

In the United States, cell phone records are confidential and protected by law. This is why cell phone numbers are not listed in your local phone book or any public telephone number directory. While looking up someone's cell phone number is possible, this is about searching the opposite. This information is about finding the billing name and address associated with a cellular phone number and cellphone service provider account.

The process of searching a phone number to find a name and address is called a " reverse phone number search ." Residential and business phone number reverse search records are widely available to the public free of charge, however the situation is different with private, unlisted, and cellphone numbers.

Fortunately for you, not only can you find the owner of a cellphone number's name and address, but you can also access detailed information about a person too. The details revealed in these background checks can be shocking. This can include, criminal history, court records, marriage records, divorce records, and even information about a person's family, friends, and neighbors. Although this is entirely 100% legal, sometimes I think it should not be.

However you need to watch out for scam and spam reverse lookup sites. These sites can mislead you with fake information to try and get you to visit advertisements and stuff like that. Many offer free reverse cell phone records but this is not possible because cell phone records are confidential. There are many of these type of spam sites.

It's best to stick with a known and reputable reverse search directory . Cell Reverse Search is one of them because of accuracy, confidentiality and because you are connected to the largest cell phone records database at the cheapest price.