Secrets of Commercial Retractable Awnings

Commercial Awning has to be a Fixed Awning – if you are a believer of this myth, let me tell you that ideas are changing and Retractable Awnings have made its way towards commercial premises of late.

Retractable awnings offer loads of benefits over traditional fixed awnings and fixed canopies. People have started realizing the potential advantages of retractable awnings. That is the reason retractable awning has crossed the fences of household premises and made its place in commercial buildings, offices, corporate houses, shops and other business premises.

Apart from effective sun protection what else retractable sunshades can offer? And what extra benefits does it provide to a business that a fixed awning cannot? The advantages of retractable commercial awnings include easy and simple maintenance, easy installation, durability, energy efficiency, branding and inexpensive building expansion.

The advantages of Retractable Commercial Awnings:

Bespoke commercial retractable awnings are certainly good for businesses from all the above mentioned perspectives. The monetary advantages associated with retractable awning are definitely lucrative. Better branding and effective marketing options make them more appealing to business-minded persons.

Let’s go through the features of retractable commercial awning one by one. The features advantageous for commercial buildings are discussed here as the topic is commercial benefits of retractable awning.

1) Complete Element Protection:

Retractable awnings effectively protect the covered places from sun, rain and snow. Unlike a fixed canopy or sunshade, the slopes of these shades can be adjusted according to requirements. A higher slope can be good for rain protection whereas, an almost-horizontal surface provide better protection from the midday sun.

Retractable commercial sunshades provide you with this flexibility. Slope of the shades can be changed either manually or mechanically. Some awnings are equipped with switches that help you control the slope. Fixed shades can never give you this flexibility; you have to manage with the same angle of inclination through out the day and through out the year.

2) Durable:

Retractable sunshades are more durable than fixed canvases and canopies. They can be retracted during harsh weather, hence can be protected from sustained wind, heavy downpour and huge snowfall.

Today’s awnings are equipped with sensor that automatically retracts the awning as soon it senses conditions that can damage the awning. Thus the fabric and frame of retractable sunshade go longer than those of fixed shades.

3) Branding:

Made to order commercial awnings are personalized for the commercial building wherein they are going to be used. Business owners can get their brand color, product names and imageries, phone numbers and other relevant information printed on their awning.

This is certainly a cost-effective way to promote any brand. Top of that, this helps you grab the attention of passersby.

4) Monetary Benefits:

Retractable awnings are easy to install and as they are more durable you need not spend on re-installation in next couple of decades! Being retractable the fabric and frame are protected against adverse weather.

Retractable sunshades keep the indoor temperature much lower than the outside; hence, it reduces the load on the cooling system and cuts on your electricity bill. Top of all, it offers a space for effective and compelling advertising.

These are the some of the reasons for the increasing popularity of retractable awnings in the commercial world.