Secrets of Double Protection From Sun – Porch Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings have a lot of advantages. There was a time in Europe, USA and other parts of the world, when awnings used to be found in all the houses. Awnings were the only means of keeping homes cool during hot summer days as air conditioning system was not there in the market.

Both fixed and retractable awnings were popular along the mass. Technologies of today's automatic retractable awnings may not be known at that time, but people invented their own methods to fold and unfold their awnings and sunshades for the sake of better usability.

Ancient awnings were not as much useful and advanced as today's sunshades are. However, they could serve the main objectives of awning effectively.

  • Sun protection
  • Rain protection
  • Snow protection
  • Allergen protection

These are the need of all time. Ancient sunshades were made to meet these requirements. Shades used to be weaved by leaves, herbs, straw and logs. Such awnings were good for sun and heat protection. Sometimes a coating of mud or clay was applied over the natural awning to get rain protection.

With advancement of technologies, air conditioning machines came in the market and awnings lost their status. There were several other methods for rain protection and cooling systems that could provide adequate protection from heat. Here, people did the mistake of removing awnings from their homes.

When most people got habituated with air conditioning machines, another problem started. Energy cost began to rise high, high and higher. People started thinking how to cut on energy bill and then they returned to the shelter of awnings once again.

Sunshades effectively lessen energy consumption and help you lower your bills. Customized shades over windows and doors keep the mercury level low inside your home. It has been observed that by installing retractable awnings one can reduce loads from the cooling system efficiently.

The secret of Double Protection – More energy saving

I have never seen two awnings installed over the same window or over the same door. Even I am not sure whatever that will help to lower energy consumption few notches down or not. But, you can indeed get double protection by installing porch awnings.

Porches are the spaces that surround the room. By attaching a shade over the porch you put the first barrier. And then when you install sunshades over the doors and windows, heat waves face a second obstacle.

The result is cooler rooms, reduced load on the cooling system and energy savings.

Type of awning – Does it matter?

Both fixed and retractable sunshades can help you save energy and keep the rooms cool. However, retractable awnings boast a lot of advantages. Since they can be folded as per your requirement you can get following advantages:

Durability: You can fold the shade during harsh weather and protect the awning from possible damages.

Flexibility of use: The shades can be retracted when you do not need them. You may like to remove the shades in the evening and let the cool breeze come in.

Where to look for awnings?

The best way to find awning manufacturers is by asking friends, relatives and neighbors. They can refer you to reputed retractable awning companies in your locality.

Alternately, you can search online for awnings manufacturing companies. Once you find a suitable company, tell them your requirement and get customized awnings crafted for your home.