Secure Your Parking Lot by Installing a Barrier Gate

From a real state developer standpoint, parking lots are non productive areas. With that stated, several of the building planners and architects, following the real state developer (aka building owner) wishes design parking lots with faulty security measurements or just non existent. In my years as a contractor I’ve seen countless times improper illumination to lower electricity bills; non sufficient security guards and or total lack of them and no CCTV cameras on the parking areas. Security for parking lots seems to be getting a lot of press lately. If you look at the statistics, around 80% of the crimes at shopping centers, strip malls and business offices occur in the parking lot.

A cost efficient perimeter security start with access control systems; a barrier gate in specifics. This device allow the control of cars going in or getting out of the parking lot by controlling the traffic of a single lane.

Integrated with the overall access control and backed up with surveillance cameras, CCTV and motion detectors as well as proper illumination on the parking lot, the perimeter security is almost invulnerable. If your perimeter security is as tight as it could be, it will be almost impossible that some burglar penetrates the inner business, condos or offices.

But having these security measurements does not means crime will not occur on your property. Lawyers are very busy making a good living off liability cases based on a lack of sufficient security measures or not taking “reasonable care” in the protection of employees and customers against threats. The lawsuits often revolve around lack of sufficient lighting, surveillance or response; so by improving these tree aspects we can avoid expensive lawsuits and raise the overall feeling of security.