Secure Your Windows to Prevent Home Burglaries

By some estimates, more than thirty percent of burglars gain entry to a home through a window that has been left open or is improperly secured. To prevent burglaries, it is vital that families conduct an inspection of their windows to ensure that they are secured against potential home security breaches.

Window Conditions

Carefully inspect your windows and try to put yourselves in the shoes of a potential burglar. Check that the casements are secure, and make sure that the catches are strong and not flimsy. If your home is constructed of wood, check that the wood around the window has not started to rot. If you use metal hinges, check if there is any rust on the hinges.

Window Locks

One of the biggest home security mistakes is not properly securing your windows with good locks. Check to make sure that window locks are large and easily visible from outside. This can prove to be a major deterrent for potential burglars, who would have to resort to smashing the window to gain entry. Not only would this attract attention to their illegal actions, but it might also result in cuts and injuries.

You can purchase window locks from home security shops, hardware stores and mega-stores like Home Depot. There are several kinds of locks that are suited to different kinds of windows and home security needs. Casement locks require a key and are well-suited to all kinds of windows. There are also fanlight locks, which use a metal bolt and arm to control the opening and closing of the window, and special locks that can secure two windows together.

If you choose to use key-operated window locks, be sure to store the keys in a safe, secret place known only to the residents of the home. It’s also important to remember that depending on the size of the window you would like to secure, you may need to use more than one lock. Even openings like skylights and fanlights should be secured and may need special locks.

Window Grilles

Consider installing iron home security grilles on ground floor windows that could be particularly susceptible to theft. Such grilles are often seen in large cities but are cropping up more and more in suburban and rural settings. Some find them unsightly, but there are a range of decorative iron grilles that are more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, aesthetics are a small price to pay for security and peace of mind.

Check Surroundings

Finally, survey the area around your house to see if there is anything that could help a potential burglar gain access to your home through an improperly secured window. Are there ladders lying around your backyard or a sturdy tree whose branches that could help a burglar enter a second-floor window? Is there shrubbery that could obscure a burglar trying to maneuver his way into a ground-floor window? If you live in an apartment building, is the fire escape easily accessible from the ground? Being aware of these security hazards is the first step to preventing home security breaches.