Security Containers

Security Containers come in many different shapes and sizes, and one very common type of security container are used shipping containers.

These containers may be used as standard shipping containers or modified to meet specific requirements by the customer.

Used containers are great for site storage or temporary uses. They are made with a steel construction design for maximum security.

There is a wide range of sizes available and these can include:

· 10ft: 20ft: 30ft: 40ft: x 8ft ins in height.

There are other types of containers used for security purposes and some of these will include Aluminum internally wood lined, and GRP construction which are suitable for internal lock fast storage.

Some standard internal dimensions for these containers are:

· (10ft) Length 3.05mx Width 2.44m
· (20ft) Length 6.10mx Width 2.44m
· (30ft) Length 9.14mx Width 2.44m
· (40ft) Length 12.9mx Width 2.44m

Much of the worlds non-bulk cargo travels in marine shipping containers, and the basic shipping container is nothing more than a reinforced steel box with one double door to enable access on one side.

Most conventional shipping containers do not have a lock box or cowl fitted, so always make sure to ask the supplier to fit one. Containers sold for storage use should never be used for shipping purposes.

Condensation can be a prove to be a problem, especially when storing soft furnishings, paper etc., and there are methods to help overcome this problem. These methods can include simple desiccants, insulation kits to expensive de-humidifiers.

Some containers can be insulated which is ideal for paper or furniture storage.

Other types of security containers include, Metal safes, super tough polypropylene boxes, metal cabinets, and metal filing cabinets.