Sedona Method Six Steps – What The Sedona Method Is

Lester Levenson purported that there were Six Steps involved in attaining the goal of the Sedona Method – freedom and impeturbability. By following the guideline of these six steps, the achievement of goals generally using the Sedona Method becomes easier and more effortless because the correct order of the steps to the Method are in place.

Step 1: You’ve got to want freedom more than you want the three basic wants.

The three basic wants are what are learned in training on how to use the Method. So they won’t be listed here. But what can be said is that they are the root of all problems. They are the “master programs” that have been installed as pro-survival but are in fact anti-survival. The awareness of this can be understood intellectually (or else the Method could not be taught) however, it’s usefulness comes from it’s application and understanding through experience (“taking it for checking” and proving it out for oneself).

Step 2: Decide that you can release and have the goal

In other words, decide you can let go in this moment and have what you want. You know from releasing that by releasing you can have your goal drop in to your awareness effortlessly – you don’t have to “do” anything – you just need to release and let go in order for it to come in. This is a way to explain the “BUTT” method that Larry Crane teaches. You don’t “do” anything – you release and let it come to you. Seemingly contradictingly, that doesn’t mean you don’t take action – but it means that the action, if you need to take any – flows effortlessly – it comes naturally and intuitively from your knowingness – or you simply just “be”.

Step 3: Let go of the wants that underlie your feelings

Releasing the aforementioned three wants means you are getting rid of the root causes of limitation and problems. You therefore become freer, lighter and happier. You become free enough to “have” without having to “do” and your goal comes in for you. No problem.

Step 4: Release continuously – with others and without others

Make releasing contestant – let go in the morning, in the evening, whatever you’re doing. It can be helpful to set aside time to release so that there is dedicated releasing time and you can focus on the goal and releasing the feelings that have been stopping you from having the goal.

Step 5: When encountering stuckness or resistance, let go of wanting to control or change it so that you naturally let go of it.

By letting go of wanting to change the stuckness that may come about you can cut through that resistance. This is very freeing because the next feeling can come up and you can let go of the underlying want.

Step 6: Each time that you release and let go, you will feel lighter, happier and freer.

These steps are “The Method” that Lester Levenson taught his students. By letting go using the steps, the Method tends to make a lot more sense. Again, it is not about intellectual getting, it’s about putting it in to practice and proving it out for yourself. Kind of like a very pleasant and positive experiment.