Seducing Women Using Routines – The Strawberry Fields Test

Routines are great for seducing women. I want to introduce you to my number one favorite routine of all time. It’s Captain Jack’s version of the Strawberry Fields test and it works great at night or during the day, although it’s going to be a bit tougher during the day.

First a warning – don’t use this routine too early on because it can freak girls out. Once you’ve figured out that there’s some attraction, this is a good routine for moving her into isolation.

The Strawberry Fields Test

It goes like this – ‘I’m not really sure about you yet, so I’m going to give you the Strawberry Fields test. Imagine you’re walking down the street and you come to the fence. How high is the fence?’

She answers and it doesn’t matter what she says. Next, you say, ‘So, you climb the fence and now you’re in a strawberry field. How many strawberries do you eat?’

No matter what she says, shake your head like it’s a no-no. Now you say, ‘Alright, what about the farmer?’ It’s important to word it just like this. Don’t ask her if there’s a farmer. Say, ‘What about the farmer?’ Again, it doesn’t matter what she says.

After she answers that question, you use the Strawberry Fields test to analyze her. Tell her, ‘The fence is your goals and aspirations. You set the bar high but not so high you can’t achieve it. That’s a good thing.

‘The strawberries are how much you like to have sex, and you said four. There’s no way I’d take you home to mom. Most people say only one or two. I’m a little scared about what you’d do to me.’

You exaggerate this part and say something like, ‘Some girls say they’d only take a little bite of one strawberry!’ Play around with it a little bit.

Finally, tell her, ‘The farmer is what you think about society’s rules and restrictions on sex and sexual behavior.’ Girls usually answer about that farmer one of two things. They usually either say, ‘I’d pay him for the strawberries,’ or they say, ‘So what?’ Whichever one she says, act like that’s the most perverted, nymphomaniac, sex-crazed thing you’ve ever heard.

The point is that you want her to think that she reaches her goals, she likes sex, and she doesn’t care what anybody thinks about it. This is the magic of the Strawberry Fields test and it works great in seducing women.