Seduction for Sex – Tactics of Tactile Hypnosis

The word tactile obviously means touching and physical contact is a pivotal element of a successful seduction. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) also uses plenty of touching for both setting and for triggering anchors. And of course, the science of hypnosis includes a full branch of knowledge that is dedicated towards people who are kinesthetically oriented. Touch is more than just important to seduction – it is vital. But then the whole purpose of a seduction for sex is to get to the intensely physical act of sex and at that point, words past or present are no consequence. My point here is that even a deaf, mute and blind seducer can seduce effectively if he understands tactile seduction.

Let’s think of a seduction as a baseball game. The batter’s overall objective is to slide into a nice warm home plate and score his run. However, to achieve that goal, he must step on the three bases.

First Base – Mutual flirtatious touching. You caress her hand as it rests on a table. She touches and strokes your forearm as she tells a joke. Your arm is around her and you give a squeeze. She leans against you.

Second Base – Kissing, hugging and holding hands.

Third Base – Is petting, clothed foreplay, undressing down to the undergarments. Your seduction is well underway here.

Home Plate – Is naturally the culmination of your seduction for sex. Sometimes you will hit a home rune and make the easy jog in from third but other times you’ll have to steal each base. But one thing is certain – before you EVER get to home plate, you have to touch first and touch is the operative word. Even if you get to base on balls, you’re still on base and you’ve touched to escalate your seduction from verbal and visual – to tactile and finally to sex.

But here is where players fail. They can’t make it to first safely. Anyone can make physical contact. But stepping on her toe or touching in a non-strategic or non-productive way doesn’t send you on to second base – those just get you called ‘out’ and sent back to the dugout.

So let’s return to the title of this article. Let’s discuss seduction for sex and tactics of tactile hypnosis. More specifically, let’s talk about how knowledge of tactile hypnosis can put you into effective touch with the girls you want to seduce. Yes, you have to get onto first base but from there you also wish to round second on the way to third. Tactile hypnosis is touching at the appropriate time and in the optimum way to advance you to the next base. Then tactile hypnosis is kinesthetic ploys that take a runner around third and into the home stretch.

I get a chuckle out of watching some of the ‘amazing’ fast talking street-corner seducer’s videos on YouTube. They show the initial contact and that is it because actually – that initial touch is all they get. Go ahead and strive to be like that. Copy those seducing methods and soon your little black book will be stuffed full of intentional wrong numbers and the names of girls who are too busy ironing their underwear to go out with you.

I’m reminded of the martial arts legend of the kung fu touch of death. Purportedly, just one finger could kill if applied correctly. I don’t know if that is true but I do know this. Touch is all it takes to knock a girl off her feet and onto your bed.