See The Face You Love Light Up With Epcot Florida

Epcot Theme Park Attractions

Epcot is a land of about 300 acres straggling at Walt Disney world. The park is themed on international standard of science and tech. ark is divided into 2 portions both serve different purpose. One is the Future World and the other themed as Worlds Showcase. Epcot entertained loads of crowds every day due to its appealing attractions. The ark has both the hotspot rides and regular small rides in its attractions that being a visitor you may overlook.

Huge hits in Epcot available in world showcase attractions. If you are planning with friends and you feel boring taste for the World showcase as only leaning around and observing things you can boost yourself and your friends up by adding Drinks to regular walk. Epcot is not as attractive as the Magic kingdom of Disney but we recommend you to visit as much as possible and experience everything of Orlando. Overall World Showcase is an interesting attraction where you can find all the interesting things from all around the world.

The entrance of the theme park is the iconic spaceship Earth. The sphere is more seemed like a tennis ball. It’s a slow ride where evolution of human being highlighted. This iconic spaceship earth is world’s famous attraction of Walt Disney. The evolution story is the most informative and interesting one that demonstrate how people communicate in the beginning of the world and later how our method of communication modify with time. The park pull your interest even in entrance that guarantee that you are going to have a quality time in World Showcase.

A prominent attraction of the lace is American Adventure. The American Adventure is an animatedly played miscellaneous stage show where famous moments of American history. The show is classic, receptive and interesting any true American would feel a sense of patriotism while watching the show. This provoking show is said to be one of the big hit of Walt Disney world so being a hot spot and famous attraction of Epcot you must have to check it out.

An extravagant ride of Epcot is Soarin’ a hang glider simulator flight. While riding it you can simulate the ride over world’s amazing and famous locations. A big screen with shaggy gliders will make you believe that you are actually riding over world’s famous place. This entertaining ride will put you on knees if you are out of Fast passes+ as there are pretty long queue for tickets so arrange passes if you are aiming to visit any of Orlando’s theme park or else wait for the time at nights when wait time follow decrements which would never less than 30 minutes tough.

A new opening of the year is also a hit of Epcot. The Frozen Ever After recently opened in June 2016 and the place worth visiting. World Showcase is now a dream viewer and this year Frozen Ever After is the most renowned attraction at Walt Disney World’s theme parks and is also till date ranked on the top in popularity. The popularity make the place populous and hence Fast-Pass+ is a strong demand for the place otherwise you will lost 2 hours of the day in the line.

Gran Fiesta tour entertain you with the three Caballeros carrying Mexican culture as scenery which are searching for Donald duck. The trip is fun and a package of complete entertainment. It has a priority badge as the ride is the solo tour as is the only ride in the world Showcase area. Gran Fiesta tour is the attraction that highlight the classy Disney charm and give its guests a more vital experience. The ride appeals families with children more. Animated cartoons never seemed so inviting but the caballeros played and supported by all.

France always remain an appealing attraction for American. Epcot have a separate ‘Impressions de France’ which is a complete picture of France. The scheme highlight the cultural and regional beauty of France in enchanting way. The attraction also include Soarin but it’s different from the previously discussed Soarin. It is same in sense of visual beauty, yes the visuals are provoking.

For technology lovers and especially those who have aim of staying on mars Epcot have a Mission: Space. In this mission the tourists are sent to space where they pay visit to Mars by an accidental crash landing.. There you can find two rides one’s Green that is termed as a slow moving cow and other ride is termed as orange which is said to be the more thrilling, rusty and fun that can bring your stomach out of the mouth. The place is not so popular but is fun to visit.

Epcot is less famous for its rides but it has one famous roller coaster that deny all the laws of physics and took you on an amazing, adventurous and daring ride. Sum of All Thrills Allow you to design a roller coaster as you desire plus check out the intensity and then test in Kuka arm Simulator. Sum of All Thrills is the most exciting attraction of Epcot Park. Do remember the ride have no FastPass+ option so for you try to check it out in early morning timing.

Last and the most famous attraction of Epcot is Illuminations: Reflections of Earth the huge hit of fireworks. Most of the events are celebrated in Epcot theme park and mostly the park lit up its sky with the reflection of Earth’s colors by fireworks. The Fire Work ‘Illuminations’ is said to be the one of its kind and no such great fire work would be done in human history. The fireworks show is unique and grand on all festive evenings and the addition of melodious sound track make the atmosphere magical. Fireworks show lovers would enjoy close and clear look by doing reservation through FastPass+ or if you find difficult to enter in Epcot’s Illuminations: Reflection of Earth you can enter Lagoon park before the show starts as the place is close to World’s Showcase so you can find good coverage from there.

These are some of the most appealing attraction of Epcot there are many other attraction in the section that we skip like Journey into imagination with Figment and O Canada and colors of China and much more.

Now some interesting and exciting information regarding festivals that Epcot hold. The Most Famous Festival worth celebrating is the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. All the food lover from around America and other states gather for dining in Epcot and discover new tastes and entertain their taste buds with new wines and treats.

Fall is termed as the tastiest time on Orlando by the foodie people. Recently 21st Epcot food and wine festival is celebrated in Epcot and the festival is still on till Nov 14, 2016. From the Tables in wonderland number of special events bring forward new exciting flavored delights that leave you with savory satisfaction and the smell increase your appetite to max.

New additions to the food enlisted as Pork Tenderloin with Cannellini Bean Ragout and Zinfandel reduction, toasted Scallop, Brussel Sprout and wild Mushrooms. Veg and non veg are equally bitted in the festival.

As for Wine the champ of the year include popular California Chardonnay and Cabernet sauvignon. You can grab your own bottle or can have a glass only as per need.

Food is incomplete without chocolate pinches. The Chocolate studio Marketplace is there for you to sweeten your taste buds.

Festival is celebrated with food bashes and the “Rockin’ Burger Party” is also celebrated that serve you with outstanding savory experience. Such special events provide you special food treatment and the festival is a great way to give special treatment to food addicts by providing all the special festive offers to the visitors.

There are other number of food and wine festival games and special offers and packages available on special days and selected nights and people can enjoy special delights at up to 15 Epcot restaurants.

Planing to explore Epcot than fall is the best season when Food and Wine Festival celebrated so you would have plenty of time for dining and enjoying eating and celebrations. Also a special not Table in Wonderland is a special place at Walt Disney set up for food lovers and is exclusively for the city residents. Annual passes and Disney Vacation club membership will help you in easy attendance during festival timings.

You can also find a chance to meet famous chefs from around the world in food and wine festival as for this year the Cake master Buddy Valastro is joining, along with him there are other famous celebrity chefs like Elizabeth Faulkner, Norman Van Aken etc.

Market place food hubs to local food and popular food parties there is a lot to do in Epcot during Food and wine festival season. For all the Walt Disney World guests Epcot food and Wine festival is a market place… Throughout all the world showcase snacks are available and you can grab your pack when ever need. So if you are a foodie person Epcot have loads of fun for you. But don’t forget to check your budget if you visit Epcot during food festival as some time only purchasing snacks and visiting food booths you would lose handsome amount..