Selecting Your New Front Door – A Fanlight Door Can Add Light and Style

Your front door provides a focal point for your home’s exterior, and also welcomes visitors. When selecting a new one, you can choose from a variety of styles and materials that accommodate your design preferences and provide necessary security and protection against weather. Combination suites of entry doors and windows add architectural interest to your home’s interior and exterior and supply natural light for your home’s interior entry area.

Fanlight Door Highlights Architectural Style

Your home’s architectural style can provide direction when you’re selecting a new front door. Homes of Colonial and Georgian Revival, Neoclassical, or Federal styles typically have a fanlight door. A fanlight is a semicircular or semi-elliptical glass window installed directly above a door, or a square or rectangular window. Fanlights are named for the glazing bars that resemble the folds of a paper fan emanating outward in the window.

Windows Add Light, Interest to Home Entry

A fanlight door can be framed on both sides by narrow windows of similar style to the fanlight. These windows enhance your home’s exterior appearance while providing additional light indoors. Available in a variety of glass textures and styles, having fanlight windows on your front door add visual interest while complementing the focal point of your front door. Though a singular material door such as an all-wood door can also have a dramatic impact if they have a nice pattern, doors with glass provide a nice touch to a front door at a much cheaper cost.

Modern Door Materials and Window Options Add Convenience

While it’s possible to find precise replicas of wooden entry doors faithful to your home’s architecture, front doors are also available in fiberglass and combinations of wood and other materials. Selecting your entry door with your climate and lifestyle in mind can help you find an entry door capable of boosting home energy efficiency and requiring less maintenance.